Aim/Ambition :-
  • With emerging  entertainment media such as movies and television the glory of the poetic plays has fallen into the danger of vanishing.  Lack of poetic theaters is also one of the causes for this fade out.
  • Being a poetic theater artist for the past 25 years, I have won many prizes, awards and appreciations from the audiences all over the world.
  • It is the duty of each and every telugu person to protect and preserve the fading glory of poetic plays. As part of my contribution , I have created poetic plays of ‘Sri Krishna Rayabharam’ and ‘Srinadudu’ with immense effort in the form of DVDs.
  • It is also my pleasure to announce that I have also started training classes at my home to train theater artists, as part of spreading the glory of poetic plays to wider audiences.
Humble Request :-
You can download and enjoy these poems from this website for only Rs. 100/- for India and $5/- for rest of the world. The amount raised through these sales will be utilized for funding the training of theater artists and for developing and creating these plays as serials which will be played in Television.

Promising to bring the lost glory of Poetic plays,
Gummadi Gopalakrishna.
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