Telugu Drama has a rich heritage. For over ages, Telugu Traditional Drama in itself Art, Music and Literature. It is only in Telugu rama we see poetical rendering as a part of action and dialogue delivery that add a classical touch to the art. Even after the socialization of the Telugu Drama, the Traditional Telugu Drama is still ruling the hearts of art lovers with many mythological, historical and social themes making it an ever entertaining and elightening theatre art and Sri Gummadi Gopala krishna has become one of its best performing artistes and exponents.

The Artiste:-

Boarn in 1955 in Meduru in Krishna District, A.P, India, Sri Gummadi Gopalakrishana is endowed witha befitting figure, high histrionic talent, musical voice and literary understanding. He took to acting from a very young age. besides acting in hundreds of performances in the main roles, he rendered direction, music and sets and moulded each play as an aestetic master-piece and presented them throughout India and abroad. He has became the front line theatre personality with tremendous talent and verstility.

Sri gopalakrishna is the founder General Secretary of Sri Satya Sai Kala Nikethan through which he has been rendering yeomen servie to the stage through performance and promotional activities.
Characters performed:-
Main & leading roles in :
  • Mythological : Srikrishna, Rama, Harsichandra, Narada, Arjuna.
  • Social : Bilvamangala(chintamani), Ontipuli(yakshanagana).
  • Literary : Srikrishna, Rama, Harsichandra, Narada, Arjuna.
  • Historical : Jesus Christ, Sakarudu, and many more.
Performance Credits :-
  • With emerging  entertainment media such as movies and television the glory of the poetic plays has fallen into the danger of vanishing.  Lack of poetic theaters is also one of the causes for this fade out.
  • In London & Birmingham (U.K) in 1995 on the invitation of European Telugu Association.
  • Performed in Chicago, Detroit, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta etc., on the invitation of the TANA(Telugu Assn of North America 1995).
  • in 2002 Performed in Singapore for Singapore Telugu Association.
  • In 2003 Performed 'Srinadhudu' play in 15 States in
  • The Performance thrilled the audience and inspired the youth and attracted them towards Padyanatakam.
  • In 2004, Besides performance at the ATA(America Telugu Association) Conference, VCD of the drama Sri Krishana Rayabaramu was released. (first of its kind in the Telugu drama history).
Unforgettable Moments :-

While performing ' Srikrishna Rayabaram' in the presence of Bhagawan Sri Satya Sai Baba of Puttaparthi, Bhagavan was so impressed with Sri Krishna's charcter that he at once ordered his own SESHAPANPU to be brought to the stage for the artiste thus sanctifying the whole play. Bhagawan presented a gold Bracelet to Gummadi

After the performance at Silicon Valley in US, more than 25 youth of Silicon andhra were overwhelmed with joy at the cultural value of the play and solicited Gummadi to train them in Padya Natakam. Later they performed the play with an outstanding success. (The press both in India and abroad praised the performance as outstanding and ever memorable in the theatre history).

The Artiste's Mission :-

To dedicate himself to the Theatre through ' Telugu Padya Natakam' and to make acting as service to the stage( as inspired by Bhagawan Satya Sai baba). To recapitulate and preserve the past glory of Telugu ' Padya Natakam ' and make it a perennial flow of art through both performance and documentation under latest digital technology. To inspire the younger generation to imbibe the spirit of our great heritage to continue the tradition. Thugh the projects are highly ambitious involving Lakhs of Rupees towards shooting, recording, editing, remuneration etc for each DVD to be brought out, Sri Gummadi Gopala Krishna is confident that with the king hearted support of art-lovers, the DVDs will be made on many subjects like Sri Krishna tulabharam, Satya harichandra, gayo Pakkhyaanam, Chintamani etc., and solicits their patronage for the great documentation projects.

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